class MaybeA to from where
maybeConvert :: from -> Maybe to
isA :: Type to -> from -> Bool
class MaybeA to from => IsA to from where
convert :: from -> to
class (IsA super sub, MaybeA sub super) => Subtype super sub
class MaybeA to from where
from might be convertible to to
maybeConvert :: from -> Maybe to
isA :: Type to -> from -> Bool
MaybeA Word8 Word8
MaybeA Int8 Word8
MaybeA Word8 Int8
MaybeA Word16 Word8
MaybeA Word8 Word16
MaybeA Int16 Word8
MaybeA Word8 Int16
MaybeA Word32 Word8
MaybeA Word8 Word32
MaybeA Int32 Word8
MaybeA Word8 Int32
MaybeA Word64 Word8
MaybeA Word8 Word64
MaybeA Int64 Word8
MaybeA Word8 Int64
MaybeA Int8 Int8
MaybeA Word16 Int8
MaybeA Int8 Word16
MaybeA Int16 Int8
MaybeA Int8 Int16
MaybeA Word32 Int8
MaybeA Int8 Word32
MaybeA Int32 Int8
MaybeA Int8 Int32
MaybeA Word64 Int8
MaybeA Int8 Word64
MaybeA Int64 Int8
MaybeA Int8 Int64
MaybeA Word16 Word16
MaybeA Int16 Word16
MaybeA Word16 Int16
MaybeA Word32 Word16
MaybeA Word16 Word32
MaybeA Int32 Word16
MaybeA Word16 Int32
MaybeA Word64 Word16
MaybeA Word16 Word64
MaybeA Int64 Word16
MaybeA Word16 Int64
MaybeA Int16 Int16
MaybeA Word32 Int16
MaybeA Int16 Word32
MaybeA Int32 Int16
MaybeA Int16 Int32
MaybeA Word64 Int16
MaybeA Int16 Word64
MaybeA Int64 Int16
MaybeA Int16 Int64
MaybeA Word32 Word32
MaybeA Word64 Word32
MaybeA Word32 Word64
MaybeA Int32 Word32
MaybeA Word32 Int32
MaybeA Int64 Word32
MaybeA Word32 Int64
MaybeA Int32 Int32
MaybeA Word64 Int32
MaybeA Int32 Word64
MaybeA Int64 Int32
MaybeA Int32 Int64
MaybeA Word64 Word64
MaybeA Int64 Word64
MaybeA Word64 Int64
MaybeA Int64 Int64
MaybeA Int Int
MaybeA Integer Int
MaybeA Int Integer
MaybeA Integer Integer
MaybeA Integer Word8
MaybeA Word8 Integer
MaybeA Integer Int8
MaybeA Int8 Integer
MaybeA Integer Word16
MaybeA Word16 Integer
MaybeA Integer Int16
MaybeA Int16 Integer
MaybeA Integer Word32
MaybeA Word32 Integer
MaybeA Integer Int32
MaybeA Int32 Integer
MaybeA Integer Word64
MaybeA Word64 Integer
MaybeA Integer Int64
MaybeA Int64 Integer
MaybeA InASCIIDecodeError Base64DecodeError
MaybeA MIMEInterpretationError InASCIIDecodeError
MaybeA MIMEInterpretationError (ParseException Char)
MaybeA (Complex r) (Complex r)
HasZero r => MaybeA (Complex r) r
HasZero r => MaybeA r (Complex r)
MaybeA (Complex Rational) Integer
MaybeA Integer (Complex Rational)
MaybeA Double Rational
MaybeA Double Integer
MaybeA Double InfRational
MaybeA Double (NaNExtended Rational)
MaybeA Double NaNInfRational
MaybeA Rational Double
MaybeA InfRational Double
MaybeA NaNInfRational Double
MaybeA Integer Double
MaybeA EIReal InfRational
MaybeA EIReal NaNInfRational
MaybeA EIReal Rational
MaybeA EIReal Integer
MaybeA (Complex EIReal) (Complex NaNInfRational)
MaybeA (Complex EIReal) (Complex InfRational)
MaybeA (Complex EIReal) (Complex Rational)
MaybeA (Complex EIReal) (Complex Integer)
MaybeA InfRational EIReal
MaybeA NaNInfRational EIReal
MaybeA Rational EIReal
MaybeA Integer EIReal
MaybeA (Complex InfRational) (Complex EIReal)
MaybeA (InfExtended a) a
MaybeA InfRational Integer
MaybeA Integer InfRational
MaybeA a (InfExtended a)
MaybeA (NaNExtended a) (NaNExtended a)
MaybeA (NaNExtended a) a
MaybeA a (NaNExtended a)
MaybeA Rational Rational
MaybeA Rational Integer
MaybeA Integer Rational
IsA super sub => MaybeA (VectorWrapper t super) (VectorWrapper t sub)
IsA super sub => MaybeA (PointWrapper t super) (PointWrapper t sub)
MaybeA Char Char
MaybeA String String
IsA super sub => MaybeA (UTCTime super) (UTCTime sub)
class MaybeA to from => IsA to from where
from is always convertible to to
convert :: from -> to
IsA Word8 Word8
IsA Word16 Word8
IsA Int16 Word8
IsA Word32 Word8
IsA Int32 Word8
IsA Word64 Word8
IsA Int64 Word8
IsA Int8 Int8
IsA Int16 Int8
IsA Int32 Int8
IsA Int64 Int8
IsA Word16 Word16
IsA Word32 Word16
IsA Int32 Word16
IsA Word64 Word16
IsA Int64 Word16
IsA Int16 Int16
IsA Int32 Int16
IsA Int64 Int16
IsA Word32 Word32
IsA Word64 Word32
IsA Int64 Word32
IsA Int32 Int32
IsA Int64 Int32
IsA Word64 Word64
IsA Int64 Int64
IsA Int Int
IsA Integer Int
IsA Integer Integer
IsA Integer Word8
IsA Integer Int8
IsA Integer Word16
IsA Integer Int16
IsA Integer Word32
IsA Integer Int32
IsA Integer Word64
IsA Integer Int64
IsA InASCIIDecodeError Base64DecodeError
IsA MIMEInterpretationError InASCIIDecodeError
IsA MIMEInterpretationError (ParseException Char)
IsA (Complex r) (Complex r)
HasZero r => IsA (Complex r) r
IsA (Complex Rational) Integer
IsA NaNInfRational Double
IsA EIReal InfRational
IsA EIReal NaNInfRational
IsA EIReal Rational
IsA EIReal Integer
IsA (Complex EIReal) (Complex NaNInfRational)
IsA (Complex EIReal) (Complex InfRational)
IsA (Complex EIReal) (Complex Rational)
IsA (Complex EIReal) (Complex Integer)
IsA (InfExtended a) a
IsA InfRational Integer
IsA (NaNExtended a) (NaNExtended a)
IsA (NaNExtended a) a
IsA Rational Rational
IsA Rational Integer
IsA super sub => IsA (VectorWrapper t super) (VectorWrapper t sub)
IsA super sub => IsA (PointWrapper t super) (PointWrapper t sub)
IsA Char Char
IsA String String
IsA super sub => IsA (UTCTime super) (UTCTime sub)
class (IsA super sub, MaybeA sub super) => Subtype super sub
Subtype Word8 Word8
Subtype Word16 Word8
Subtype Int16 Word8
Subtype Word32 Word8
Subtype Int32 Word8
Subtype Word64 Word8
Subtype Int64 Word8
Subtype Int8 Int8
Subtype Int16 Int8
Subtype Int32 Int8
Subtype Int64 Int8
Subtype Word16 Word16
Subtype Word32 Word16
Subtype Int32 Word16
Subtype Word64 Word16
Subtype Int64 Word16
Subtype Int16 Int16
Subtype Int32 Int16
Subtype Int64 Int16
Subtype Word32 Word32
Subtype Word64 Word32
Subtype Int64 Word32
Subtype Int32 Int32
Subtype Int64 Int32
Subtype Word64 Word64
Subtype Int64 Int64
Subtype Int Int
Subtype Integer Int
Subtype Integer Integer
Subtype Integer Word8
Subtype Integer Int8
Subtype Integer Word16
Subtype Integer Int16
Subtype Integer Word32
Subtype Integer Int32
Subtype Integer Word64
Subtype Integer Int64
Subtype (Complex r) (Complex r)
HasZero r => Subtype (Complex r) r
Subtype (Complex Rational) Integer
Subtype (InfExtended a) a
Subtype Rational Rational
Subtype Rational Integer
Subtype Char Char
Subtype String String
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